Friday, June 11, 2010


Well! Today just stunk! I planned to talk about hummingbirds and owls and I even had pictures almost ready to go but instead ~ this morning the prisoner transport unit (PTU) suddenly appeared.

You probably have already guessed what happened and do not need the gory details but I will tell you anyway. After Mom climbed up on the step ladder and took down the PTU she stuffed me into it and locked the door and threw away the key shut the door so I could not get out. Then Zeke and Sushi both had their leashes attached to their collars. Then the traitor my Daddy put the PTU in Mom's car. Then Sushi jumped in the car all excited about going for a ride. Then Mom went back into the house and picked up Zeke and made him get in the car. Then Mom asked my Daddy if he was going and he said no.

Then Mom drove us to the VET. I am glad the PTU has a place for the seat belt to hook in or it would probably have been on the floor from all my demands to be taken home (no Mom I was not bawling like a baby ~ they were demands).

So the bad news is that I had to get stuck with that stupid needle. The good news is that I am beautiful and healthy and beautiful and my teeth are fine and I do not have to go back again for another whole year and I am beautiful. You may have figured out that the VET had a lot to say about how beautiful I am.

Zeke and Sushi got stuck with needles too but they both are healthy. Zeke's heart has improved ~ the VET said there is no sign of his murmur. They both should have their teeth cleaned but Zeke is old enough that the VET said he does not have to have it done. This is the first time Sushi needs it which is very good because she is already 8 years old. She has to go in next week and she should come home the same day. Oh and the VET thinks Zeke and Sushi are cute and sweet.

So I decided to skip the hummingbirds today and tell you all how cruel Mom was. I have not let her touch me since I came out of the PTU. At least she had to make 2 trips into town because of us ~ it was too hot for us to be in the car so she was not able to go grocery shopping until after she brought us home. It is a good thing for her that she remembered to pick up more stinky goodness on her second trip.