Sunday, February 17, 2013

My woofie Zeke made his last visit to the VET a week ago Friday. He had not been feeling well for a couple of days, but Mom thought it was mostly because of his age. After he wouldn't eat breakfast Thursday morning and then started throwing up that evening, Mom called the VET Friday morning. When she told Dr. Beth the symptoms she was told to take Zeke right in.

Blood work showed that Zeke had BUN levels that were 4x normal and that his other kidney results were also very high. He had fluid accumulating in his abdomen too, which he had not had on Thursday. Mom could have left him there over the weekend getting IV fluids to flush his kidneys, but Dr. Beth said she thought the stress of being there alone would have negated any benefit the fluids would have given him.

Mom and my Daddy had already decided not to try to force Zeke to live longer than his body wanted to live. They were both holding Zeke and petting him when Dr. Beth gave him his last shot. It was very hard for them but very peaceful for my sweet woofie.

Zeke gave Mom and my Daddy almost 17 years of love and joy. He was also a very good woofie friend to Sushi and me. We will miss him very, very much.