Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

The black-eyed peas are soaking. The duckling we were supposed to have tomorrow defrosted too fast so we ate it yesterday. My Daddy is so happy with the apple pie that I am seriously thinking about trying some. We had a white Christmas but the snow is almost gone and the temperature is supposed to go into the high 50s soon. We have watched a ton of college football bowl games. Right now we are watching "America's Cutest Pet" on Animal Planet. It has been a very good week. (Mom keeps complaining about not having cell phone service but I still do not know why she needs it.)

Many good things happened this year and many sad things happened too. We look forward to the new year and hope you all have a good 2012.


Zeke, Sushi and Tiger Lily

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Greetings

Merry Christmas!

It is a white one here and I have not been allowed outside at all for the past 3 days. I think it might be because my woofie Sushi comes in covered in snowballs every time she has to go out. She has a towel by the door and the blow dryer has been getting a good workout.

A cell tower is down and Mom does not have phone service and she is not very happy that she will nnot be able to call anyone tomorrow. She said it is a good thing she has e-mail and Facebook and my (MY!) blog but we all really hope that service is back by New Year's Day.

I am writing this post on Mom's new netbook which is why there is no picture today. I hope I can get on the big 'puter tomorrow so I can put up our Christmas card for you all to see my woofie Zeke wearing his reindeer antlers.

Merry Christmas!