Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Fun!

There was a lot of tissue paper involved when presents were unwrapped this morning and most of it went onto the floor.
Don't anyone tell Mom but she was holding her cell phone at the wrong angle to get this video to play right. I hope you can enjoy it anyway because she threw all the paper away already.

 Here are some more pictures of the paper games. They are of the three banes of my existence only because I refused to come out and play.

 This is my new woofie Marco Polo. He is OK now that I am used to him.

 This is Rudyard Kitling. He is a serious pain. I have to thwap him a lot!

 Marco and Rudy play together sometimes but this time Marco did not want Rudy to take any of his paper.

 This one is Tiger Bomb. TBomb likes to sleep on Mom but sometimes her tortitude makes her act a little wild. She is even more of a pain than Rudy is and I have to thwap her way more than a lot.

 Rudy and TBomb played in the paper together for a long time.

 This is the only picture I have of all three at the same time. I would tell Marco I am sorry his head is cut off but I am not sorry so I will not lie about it.

 After all the presents were opened Mom and my Daddy went out for a little while. When they came home this is what Rudy and TBomb had done with the paper:

Mom and my Daddy were impressed with the paper trail. The paper went from the front door all the way to the kitchen and none of the same colors were next to each other.
After my Daddy took the pictures Mom picked up the paper and threw it away. I think she should have left at least one piece for me for when I decided I wanted to play. At least I had a good long nap today so I will be awake if I decide to dig some paper out of the trash can after everyone else is asleep.
We hope you had as good a day as we did!

Christmas Greetings 2014