Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rabbie Burns ~ RIP

Graphic courtesy of the Cat Blogosphere
Rabbie Burns left The Fluffy Tribe unexpectedly yesterday and his family is very sad. We will miss this beautiful bad bunny.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Sushi and Ruckus exploring the great outdoors

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Toes Tuesday

This is our One Who Came Before named Oriskany. In this picture he was showing Mom what he thought of her efforts to get him out of her planter. Mom says he was so sweet about it that she let him stay there. I think he might have been just a little bit naughty. We still have the same plant but I have never tried to get in it.

I had a beautiful orinch Squillion named General Oriskany on my first blog. We have looked and looked and looked for him but he must be off on his own adventure right now. I hope he comes home soon because I miss him.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Do you see that great graphic at the top of my side bar? Zoolatry made that special for me from my first post on this new blog! It is just wonderful! I love it!

The lovely kitties at Katie's Furry Mews gave me my first award for my new blog. They say it is because it takes Chutzpah to live in Roswell! I say thank you very much! I still have all the graphics for the awards that were given to me for my first blog but I do not remember who gave me which one. So ~ I will put the awards in my side bar as soon as Mom will help me with them.

I also have a couple of memes to do. Mom wrote down the information so she could think about them even when I was napping so now all we have to do is find where she put that information during our move. I am glad she did that though because if she had not we would have lost them with my old blog.

Who knew a new blog would be so much work? Of course that is what Mom is for ~ all I have to do is dictate.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I tried to embed this Jigzone puzzle so you could solve it here but Blogger will not let me. So ~ the puzzle is a link to the site where you can solve it. You can even change the cut or choose other puzzles if you want to.
Click to Mix and Solve
Mom and I love this site! (Do not tell Mom but I think it might even be part of the reason it took so long to get my new blog set up.) I do not think we will have our corned beef and cabbage until later this week because Mom will not be home until late tonight. I am just a little bit upset that we have to wait for that corned beef. I really hope she leaves enough crunchies so we can survive for that long! What Mom? It is only for a couple of hours? And my Daddy will make sure we do not starve? Oh good! Have a great day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tiger Lily's Excellent Adventure

Wow! What a time I have had! Mom and my Daddy get lost go adventuring all the time. As you may already know my first blog got lost went on its own adventure several weeks ago and we do not know if it will ever come back. Now I have had my very own adventure that I just have to tell you about. And the best thing is that this would have been my 200th post on my first blog so I am going to try to make this first post on my new blog very special.

I woke up one morning and had no idea where I was. I learned a new word to describe how I felt ~ I was befuddled! I could tell as soon as I saw the traffic cop in the photo below that I was not in Portales any more! I was just a little bit scared so I asked him where I was but he did not answer me. It turns out that he does not say much even though he is always on duty. At night his head glows green! Then I saw this man on the street and asked him where I was. He said "You are here." That did not help me very much because I still did not know where "here" was. I did start to realize that no one I saw "here" looked like anyone I had ever seen before except for my Daddy (who is just a little bit bald). Was I even still on Earth? Then he said "Follow me" and took off. I was just a little bit startled to see the footprints he left on the ground. They were green and they did not disappear. I think they glow in the dark just like the traffic cop does. Anyway, he led me to this man on a roof who pointed me in the right direction. He showed me the way to the shuttle stop where I had a very interesting conversation with some of the locals. When the shuttle arrived I could not believe my eyes! I took advantage of the free eye exam and learned that I really did see a flying saucer. The shuttle took me to a place where I could do all kinds of great stuff. I listened to this band for a while ... they played "Stardust" and "Moon Over Regulus 5". Then I saw a pink person who reminded me of my Daddy after a day in the sun. I found this great biker bar but I am only 3 so I was not allowed inside. The legal age there is 112 I think. I was allowed to go into the Koffee Shoppe. The cappuccino was laced with nip so I do not understand why I was not allowed in the biker bar. I stopped at a very popular multi-lingual bowling alley but I was not able to play because I do not have opposable thumbs. I stopped to get a cold taste of home. I decided against using the dating service because there was no quadruped category. The ground transportation did not look very comfortable unless you like to dangle from the hand straps. The driver was quite Gung Ho (this is another word I had to learn) but he did not run over me. I was just a little bit surprised again when I saw this museum of artifacts from ~ New Mexico! A street evangelist urged me to go home but ... ... this street hawker talked me into buying a souvenir. Have you figured out where I was yet? There is a clue in this picture (hint: check out the phone number): Did you guess yet? If you guessed Roswell (ooooo-eeeeeee-ooooo) you are right! Mom and my Daddy moved us all to Roswell, New Mexico. So even though I had an adventure I was not lost after all! I was a little bit scared at first but now I am very happy. There is no place like home, whatever your species.