Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Zeke and Sushi and I hope all of you had a very wonderful and blessed Christmas today!

We had a quiet but good day here:
  1. Zeke woke Mom up early so we did not have to wait for breakfast.
  2. I was able to go outside for a little while even though it was so cold that I came back in sooner than I usually do.
  3. My Christmas presents included salmon and tuna stinky goodness that I had for dinner.
  4. I probably should have acted happier about the fuzzy toys.
  5. Zeke and Sushi had lean beef Pup-Peroni for their special treat.
  6. They also seem to like their new squeaky chew toys.
  7. Mom and my Daddy made sauerbraten with egg noodles and German potato salad and chunky cabbage salad (Mom hates sauerkraut!) for Christmas dinner.
We are also very glad that the Lord Jesus was willing to be born as a little baby so he could grow up in a human body and do what God the Father wanted him to do. It is good that we can say Happy Birthday to Jesus and celebrate the love he has for our humans.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mom's Problems

Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed I still have not been able to convince Mom to help me post in a very long time. It has been about a bazillion years (Mom says it has been about 4 months but I will stick to my own time frame!) and I do not know what to do about it.

I think Mom has been very busy at her day hunting place and she did say something about being "burned out" (whatever that means ~ I think it is just an excuse) and needing to take a break from a whole bunch of things. She has promised me that it will not be forever.

Anyway Mom got very sick in late October. She stayed in bed and did not go to her day hunting place one day and then she disappeared for a very long time. It was not fun at our home during that time because my Daddy disappeared every day too.

When my Daddy realized that Zeke and Sushi and I were so concerned he explained to me that Mom had to go to someplace called the Emergency Room at the hospital (he said that is the real name of the people VET place). She had to stay there for 8 days (in people time) and she was not allowed to eat or drink anything for most of the time while she was there. My Daddy said that if Mom had not finally improved on her own she would have needed surgery. We are all very glad that she got well! (Mom is also very glad that she lost a lot of weight and that it has not come back.)

When she finally came home it was another long time before Mom was able to go back to her day hunting place (she said she is very glad for sick leave!). She is OK now but she still gets tired fast. She said she will help me post for Christmas but that it may be a while before we post regularly again.

Another problem she just noticed when we looked at my blog yesterday is that we are getting comments from a lot of people and places that we do not think should be commenting. Some of the comments just made no sense at all and did not have anything to do with my post. If this keeps happening we may need to use comment moderation. Mom says that does not sound like fun but that it will be better than having to wade through and delete stuff that should not be here. If it becomes necessary I will post about that before we start.

Anyway that is the story from here. We all hope you all are well!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Communing with Nature

We had a very good conversation and then went our separate ways. Someday I may be able to talk to a squirrel too.

Mom and my Daddy keep a bird feeder in a tree near our front door and a bird bath where it gets both a little sun and a little shade shade throughout the day. There is also a bigger feeder for the doves in our back yard. There are lots of different kinds of birds who visit both of the feeders. There is a squirrel who likes to help empty the feeders so sometimes Mom tosses nuts on the ground or in the crotch of the tree for him.

I do not get this close to the birds very often because they usually fly away when I walk toward them. I do not understand why because they do not fly away when I sit in the window to talk to them. My Daddy said I should not try to get too close to the big black ones he calls grackles because they like to dive bomb anyone who they want to make stay away. Sometime when I can sneak out without my Daddy I will try to make friends with a grackle. Would I be dive bombed if I just want to be friends?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rest in Peace ~ Parker

August 2001 - May 24, 2012

We are glad you went peacefully, beautiful Parker. You will always be in our hearts but we will miss your presence very much.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


I see absolutely no reason why Mom should have been complaining about difficulty making this bed. No reason at all.

I also see absolutely no reason why Mom has been so bad about letting me blog. She says she has had a sinus infection and she has been very tired and blah blah blah. I stopped listening to her puny excuses and have told her and told she must let me back on the 'puter. Maybe she will listen to me this time. sigh.

Nerissa I apologize for how long it has been since you told me about the award you gave me. I went to your blog and read about it way back in February. Thank you for choosing me as one of your five! Mom said we would post it soon but noooooo it is still not up. I think I may have embarrassed her enough that she will really get to it soon. I really hope so!