Monday, June 11, 2012

Communing with Nature

We had a very good conversation and then went our separate ways. Someday I may be able to talk to a squirrel too.

Mom and my Daddy keep a bird feeder in a tree near our front door and a bird bath where it gets both a little sun and a little shade shade throughout the day. There is also a bigger feeder for the doves in our back yard. There are lots of different kinds of birds who visit both of the feeders. There is a squirrel who likes to help empty the feeders so sometimes Mom tosses nuts on the ground or in the crotch of the tree for him.

I do not get this close to the birds very often because they usually fly away when I walk toward them. I do not understand why because they do not fly away when I sit in the window to talk to them. My Daddy said I should not try to get too close to the big black ones he calls grackles because they like to dive bomb anyone who they want to make stay away. Sometime when I can sneak out without my Daddy I will try to make friends with a grackle. Would I be dive bombed if I just want to be friends?