Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

WARNING: If any of you kittehs are easily scared now might be a good time to turn away from what you are about to see.

My Daddy goes hunting for feral pigs in the Lincoln National Forest a lot. Mostly he just shoots stumps for target practice and he always takes his clicky flashy box along with his bow and arrows. This past summer he deserted us went hunting and left us all alone at home while Mom was gone in New Yuck. (Mom says I have to tell you that it was only two days and we had someone to take care of us while they were both gone. It is not the same.)

Anyway my Daddy saw this fawn (what a baby deer is called). Because I do not know her real name I will call her Fala.

My Daddy almost stepped on Fala because she was lying so still and being very quiet. He told me that Fala did not move at all while he was nearby so he was able to take a lot of pictures. I think her Mama wanted to go chat with the other Mama deer so she told Fala to stay there and wait. Fala does not look all that vishus to me.


Angel and Kirby said...

Fala is very cute. I don't think the babies are vishus. She was a very good girl to lay so still while your dad was there.

The Island Cats said...

We agree with Angel and Kirby...the baby ones aren't vishus...when they grow up the older vishus deer teach them how to be vishus...and sneaky ones are gotta watch out for those big ones though...

Oh yeah...we didn't know there were feral pigs like feral cats!

Gracie said...

What a beautiful little baby deer. I don't think the baby is a bad one, it's when one gets older that the bad things jump in there and sometimes take over. It was nice that she let your dad take the photos. I bet she is growing up fast and a lot bigger now.

us4 gatos said...

she is absolutely beautiful.
we think if any deer, or animal is scafred and in attack mode its only because the humans have made them dat way over the years with the hunting and stuff. can you blames dem for being scareds! we loves deers.

what a wonderful picture. precious little one.

us4 gatos said...

above~~~>scafred =scared .

(da mom didnt spells chek) .

Parker said...

Wow - Fala is pretty cute!
ps - Smocchies for posting the badge!

The Army of Four said...

Ooooh, she's so beautiful!

Halloween said...

Wow, Tiger Lily, that is quite a photo. It is a good thing your dad had his eyes wide open.

I'm just stopping by to wish you HAPPY, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Right now there are lots of little people running up and down the street, yelling my name!


Country Cats said...

Fala looks cute but you cannot trust those vishus deer no matter how adorable. Trust us!

P.S. Sorry we were away for so long!