Thursday, December 24, 2009

Secret Paws!

Our Secret Paws package arrived! Mom put it near the tree and I was just a little bit afraid she would make us wait until Christmas to open it. So I thwapped the box off the table and sent in the woofies to check it out. After Zeke and Sushi told Mom it was safe I patted it down just in case. The next safety step was x-raying the box ~ you cannot be too careful with those woofies around! I gave the green light and 'thumbs' (aka Mom) popped open a case of goodies! Woofies to the end of the line please! I supervised the unpacking. Sushi at least remembered her place in line. Zeke is just old and grumpy so I cut him some slack. Hmmm that packing paper was interesting. Zeke saw something interesting while I waited patiently to get my paws on the good stuff. You can see the feathers under Zeke's neck. Oooh soft balls! Hey who wrapped them ~ spiderman? Zeke's gifts were this great set of soft balls and a package of Cesar soft roasted chicken treats. They are just what he wanted! At first Sushi tried to help Mom set the balls free but then she realized she had some presents of her own. She got these great chicken-wrapped rawhide chewies and a red stuffy with rope arms. Way to go woofie! Hmmm Zeke had a problem ~ Mom is playing with Sushi and her toy instead of throwing his ball. How does that taste Sushi? Showbirds ~ all they want is your birdseed. I will enjoy showing her how I play! Both of my presents have feathers and I love them! These bouncy feathers were fun to play with. Mom and I chased each other around the room and I caught the feathers every time she tried to bounce them away. Some of our action shots are not very clear. It never hurts to double check the packing ~ there might be something tiny to chew on. See what I mean? Sheesh ~ those woofies would have missed my jewelry! Wait ~ this is how I can play with my new bouncy feathers when Mom and my Daddy ignore me have other things they need to do. For an old geezer Zeke still has a quick snapper. He almost caught that one. He has already lost this yellow ball and my Daddy has found it for him several times. That is one of his very favorite games! Sushi loves her perfect stuffy. I am sorry to have to report that she has gutted it several times already and Mom and my Daddy have given up re-stuffing it. Do not think that has made any difference in how much she loves it tho ~ she still thinks it is perfect. Can any of you guess who was our Secret Santa? I could not until Mom showed me the beautiful cards that were included with presents. It was our lovely new friend Katie! Her Glogirly helped her wrap and pack everything and sent us all these wonderful gifts. Mom even tried to get a picture of all the gifts together with the cards but we were so excited about them that we would not leave them alone long enough for that. If you click on this picture it will biggify so you can see the card better. Now I can tell you that we were Katie's Secret Paws too and we had a lot of fun choosing and wrapping her presents. We are glad we have such great friends!


Busby and Raymond said...

So awesome! Katie was a great secret paws. We look forward to participating next year. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


Karen Jo said...

You got great stuff from Katie. Merry Christmas to all of you.

Glogirly and Katie said...

Hi Tiger Lily, Zeke and Sushi!!!!!!

How cool is it that we were each other's Secret Paws!!! I'm so glad that you all liked your presents. GG and I had tons of fun wrapping them up and it looks like you guys had a blast too!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the great presents you picked out for me too... I blogged about it as soon as Glogirly let me open the package. I recognized the address right away so I was super excited.

I love Red Mouse. He is the perfect accompaniment to Red Dog and Black Cat... but I won't let them touch him. My balls are the best... you can't believe how fast they scoot around on the hardwood floors... they are awesome. The feather turns me into a wild kitty! I love it. And I love that it scares Glogirly just a little bit. And who doesn't love Temptations?!?! I've never had the tuna flavor, so I'm in heaven.

Thank you so much for the wonderful, thoughtful presents. I really loved seeing all the photos of you unwrapping and playing with your presents too!

You are my extra-special friends!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Angel and Kirby said...

THose are great presents. We can see that you had a log of fun with them/

Eric and Flynn said...

Wowsers! That is a lot of great presents that you got from Katie and Glogirly. That showbird is so cute. You will all have lots of fun for a long time to come.
A Merry Christmas to you and your family.