Monday, September 2, 2013

Catch Up Day

It is Labor Day in the US but I am pretty sure there will be very little labor happening at my house. Mom will do some laundry so she has clean clothes to wear to her day hunting place but that is about it. I hope Mom and my Daddy do not think putting stinky goodness into my bowl several times counts as labor! They plan to cook burgers on the grill so I am fairly sure that means they do not mind fixing food. Mom did put some in my bowl two times this morning. Maybe I will not starve today after all.

Yesterday was Mom and my Daddy's wedding anniversary. I think they started celebrating Labor Day early because they both just relaxed almost all day. Mom said they celebrated their anniversary when they were in Albuquerque early last week. They went to a restaurant called Hayashi for dinner. Mom had filet mignon and my Daddy had sushi. Neither one of them brought anything home for me.

This morning my annoying woofie Marco Polo found a scorpion on the livingroom floor. My Daddy took care of it and then gave Marco a treat. Mom gave him a good snuggle and thanked him for not letting her step on the scorpion (she really hates wearing shoes in the house). Mom also said that she will get around to posting pictures of the little annoyance woofie someday.

My other woofie Sushi has not been feeling very good for a couple of days. I think she feels a little better now because she ate all of her breakfast this morning. She has not started running and playing again yet though.

There are a lot of other things happening here in Roswell but most of them would bore you. So I will just say:

Have a relaxing day!


Angel and Kirby said...

Tiger Lily, we are so glad to see you again! Happy anniversary to your Mom and Dad. We hope Sushi gets to feeling better, soon!

Tiger Lily said...

Angel and Kirby, Sushi was feeling enough better yesterday to eat her breakfast and demand her biscuits! She ate a good dinner too. This morning she did not finish her breakfast but Mom does not know if that was because she just did not like it. Marco also did not finish breakfast, so Mom has to wait until tonight to see if it is gone.


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