Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

We have a really good reason to be happy this new year and we all say "Thank you Lord!"

My woofie Sushi was very sick for about a squillion years and we were all very concerned about her. (Mom just told me it was more like 4 days but what does she know?) Anyway Sushi stopped eating anything and would not even sniff at her favorite treats. Then she could not jump up onto the couch or the bed. Then she started drinking a lot of water and then she started throwing up all over the house (Mom and my Daddy spent a lot of time cleaning up after her) and doing a lot of what Mom told me is called whimpering. Then she made a nest in the leaves in the back yard and would not come in the house even when it was very cold so Mom had to carry her in. Then Mom and my Daddy talked about how these were the same symptoms my woofie Zeke had before he had to leave us early last year and Mom had a very hard time to keep from crying.

So on Monday Sushi ate a little bit of my woofie Marco's breakfast and wagged her tail and followed Mom around the house a little bit before she took a long nap on her bed in the living room. On Tuesday she ate all of Marco's breakfast (she would not eat out of her own bowl so Marco ate Sushi's breakfast) and took a walk around the park with my Daddy. Then she ate most of her dinner out of her own bowl and even ate a treat. Then last night she was able to jump up on the couch and the bed all by herself.

And today Sushi is almost all the way back to being her old happy and active self. She even yodeled at our neighbor from our back yard!

So we all hope that your New Year has started as well as ours has! And we hope that you have a very wonderful 2014!


Fuzzy Tales said...

We're glad Sushi is on the mend and send purrs she'll be 100% again!

Happy new year!

Flynn said...

That is good news.
Happy New Year to you.

Team Tabby said...

Hope everything is still going well for all of you!