Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Here is a picture of my woofies in our new home: It was very cold out that day and they shivered very hard when they went outside so Mom dug out their winter clothes. Sushi did not like wearing her sweater even though the argyle design is very fashionable. Zeke complained about his denim jacket but he was happy to have it on when he went out again. I probably do not have to tell you what will happen to Mom if she tries to put anything like that on me. Just believe that There Will Be Blood if she ever does!

Anyway Zeke turned 13 on March 10. Since it is now April 1 and there is no earlier post about it on this blog it is obvious that Mom ignored his birthday. What Mom? Oh she says she and my Daddy were both sick and they did not feel up to having a party. At least he did get a special treat that day. OK he got a small steak all his own for dinner. It is a good thing I do not eat steak or I would have been just a little bit unhappy that I did not get any.

We do not know Sushi's birthday for sure but it is somewhere at the end of March or in early April . So now Sushi is 7 years old and again we did not have a party. I think she will get a special treat tonight but it will not be steak. There was no meat in the people meal tonight so I am not sure Mom and my Daddy will make it to tomorrow. (They seem to think they will be OK but I will have to wait and see.) That means there was no meat for Sushi though so I do not know what her treat will be. Maybe it will be the sausage I thought Mom was saving for breakfast.

My birthday is in May. I have to share the day with Ruckus because we were born on the same day one year apart. We think have the same cat mom but that we have different cat dads. I hope we can have a party this year!


Angel said...

Those are super winter cloths they have on! Happy Birthday to Zeke and Sushi!

PinkynAsh said...

They look nice in their winter clothes.

Baby Patches said...

They looks cute in their winter clothes! Thanks for comings to visit my blog. I puts your link under my cats who blog so I can comes to visit again. Maybe you could finds a cute picture to enter my contest. Today is the last day!

Country Cats said...

We hope you get a party for your b-day, too. Cute woofies!

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

Woooffeeezzz???? In your housee???? Yikes!!! Iz dat Okay wit you Lily??
Iz it your birfday soon? I haz one comin' up... but I doubts I'll get a partee. Evfurry one iz tooo darn bizzy!
I hopes you haz a wunderful Sunday. Tank you so much fur purrin' fur Auntie Stinkie. She iz reecovefurrin' & slowly gettin' back to her selfee, altho' dis mornin' she didz not takes her pillZ.
Dr Tweety

Lux said...

Zeke and Sushi look so sweet in their warm clothing. :)

I hope you get to have a party, too!

William said...

Hi all! I didn't realize you had moved to another blog, I just thought you'd been too busy unpacking to post! Anyway, I'm glad you're all having fun in your new town. I think you'll have even more fun at the UFO Festival--all those antennae look like toys!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're gonna turn into constant whiners here. We just came from a blog where the woofies got strawberries and Jan nevvvvver shares hers with us. And now we come over and see that your woofies have sweaters to keep them warm. Do we woofies have sweaters? Noooooooooo. Somebody needs to have a talk with our Jan!

PS from the kitties: We don't know what all the fuss is about. We don't want sweaters and we don't think we'd like strawberries. Guess we'll have to have a meeting to see what we can complain about.