Monday, March 8, 2010

The Roswell Zoo

Last week my Daddy went to the zoo here in Roswell. Here are some of the photos he took: The bison have one of the largest pens at the zoo. They really are majestic (this is a new word I just learned). I think they will look just a little bit better when they have lost all of their winter coats though. We call this guy Speedy. He did not move around very much so it was easy to take his picture. Hmmmmm ~ I wonder if peacocks taste as good as they look. This peacock scraped out a hole in the ground but I am fairly sure he did not lay any eggs in it. The temperature has been in the 70s already here ~ it looks like he just wanted a cool place to rest. The sun makes his feathers look very beautiful!. These are the feathers the peacock always wears on his head. They are very beautiful too. This is the only albino peacock my Daddy has seen at the zoo. Albino means "A person or animal lacking normal pigmentation, with the result being that the skin and hair are abnormally white or milky." (Mom helped me look up this word in the dictionary so I could tell you what it means.) I think that the white one does not like the blue one very much! It was just a little bit hard to get a good picture of this one 'cuz he kept walking away. In this pic you can see how pretty the feathers are with their fringe. My Daddy calls this picture "Drinking a Star". The sun and the water were just right!

There are not very many animals at this zoo but I will ask my Daddy to try to get pictures of some of the ones who are there. I know there are some mountain lions and some bobcats. It might be hard to get good pix of them because they like to stay in the shade. Maybe I will be able to post their photos later. There are some very beautiful big birds besides the peacocks too.

Mom is still not feeling very well. She said when she swallows it feels like someone sticks an ice pick in her ear. There is something bad going around and a lot of people here have been sick as long as she has. It has been over 3 months! I hope you are all feeling much better than she is!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow! What a fascinating place to visit. I hope your Mom starts feeling better soon.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Very nice photos from your dad. We hope your mom gets better fast! No fun being sick.

William said...

Oh my, we're sorry to hear your mom is still not feeling well. It might be up to you to take her to the mom fix-it place, although I know it's hard to get moms into a little troll box! Anyway, what nice pictures of some of the animals you have nearby. The white peacock is very lovely. I wonder if they'd let you ride the turtle?

Angel and Kirby said...

It was nice of your Daddy to go to the zoo and take pictures for you to share. We are so sorry that Mom has been sick for so long! we purr she gets better soon!

The Army of Four said...

Wow! We sure hope your mom gets feeling better! That's got to be some nasty kind of sickie!!!
I've never seen birdies like those! How cool! I could stare at them all day long. We do have buffalo. They sort of roam around here. Ha roo roo roo - just kidding. They are on farms and in special reserves here though!
Play bows,

Parker said...

I'd love to introduce myself to those peacocks!
Here's hoping your Mommy feels better soon!

Eric and Flynn said...

Those are nice photos of the zoo animals. We hope your mum soon feels better. She has been sick for a long time.

sanjeet said...

Very nice photos from your dad.
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